Simple Summer Scheduling

Led by over 10 years experience in scheduling direction and media coordination at summer camp, Out of the Woods works closely with our clients to make managing the camp season quick and easy.

We have developed a web-based scheduling platform that meets the needs of both day-to-day and sleep away camps. From activity programming to distributing attendance, the platform helps camps prepare and run their camp season while also providing helpful statistics to give directors an accurate overview of their organization.

"This company created a scheduling software system that literally was life changing for our camp. It’s the first time we could properly create schedules seamlessly for all ages of kids so quickly."

- Mark Diamond, Owner/Director Camp Manitou, Ontario Canada


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• Intuitive interface with custom day and period setup. Work within a layout that is familiar, and fits your camp.

• Camper, Cabin and Staff Management. Manage schedules for everyone attending or working at camp.

• Schedule and Attendance Printouts. Create .PDF and .XLS print outs for your staff and campers. Change layouts, print orders, and distribute with ease.

• Preference Forms and Automated Scheduling. Gather data from your campers, or have your staff input their favourite activities. See what's popular at camp, and use this data to automatically build schedules.

• Mealtime Table Assignments. Choose staff and campers to create automated table attendance.

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