About Us

Using expert on-site knowledge of the industry, and by working closely with a small group of clients, we were able to successfully pilot our scheduling software in 2021. Every camp is unique and the platform continues to evolve to accommodate this, creating an easy to use yet robust system for many seasons to come.

Modern technology has allowed camp directors to organize data virtually, thus making daily operations at camp more streamlined. However, it is important for these organizations to maintain the integrity of the outdoor summer camp experience for campers. The goal is to keep fun and adventure at the forefront of the camper experience, while keeping technology at a distance. Out Of The Woods respects this challenge and delivers solutions for camp admin to stay organized, and schedule fun-filled days for their campers.

We welcome you to join this strong community of clients and book a 1:1 demo today with our owner and founder, Paul Hopson. Let us help you get "Out of The Woods" with your camper scheduling.

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